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How to strengthen sperm?

Women are often mistakenly blamed for problems in getting pregnant. And yet "guilt", if we can talk about it at all, can be on the male and female sides. Both biological factors, as well as unhealthy habits or lifestyle are responsible for the problems of childbearing. In men, they can lead to one of the more serious obstacles to pregnancy, that is, to the deterioration of sperm quality. What to do to strengthen male sperm?

Modern men's sperm are weaker :(

Do you know that the semen of today's men is of much worse quality than the semen of their fathers and grandparents? The environment in which we live and the contaminated food we eat are responsible for it. If you are unsuccessfully trying to get a baby, you will definitely need to check if the spermatozoa are of good quality and meet the standards .


There are three aspects to sperm problems:

  • their mobility in the female reproductive system,

  • numbers and

  • the quality of the semen (primarily of proper construction).

How to strengthen male sperm?

Just in case, you should strengthen the little knights. And here are the actions you can take to make each of the above 3 indicators as high as possible :)

  1. Part with stimulants. When planning a pregnancy, both women and men should do so some time before trying to conceive. Therefore, if you have not already done so, give up alcohol and cigarettes, and if you are fans of caffeine - limit its consumption (one coffee a day should be enough).

  2. Stop taking steroids . Steroids, although irreplaceable in the treatment of some diseases and very desirable in the gym should go away when applying for a descendant. They have a lot of side effects, and one of them is infertility.

  3. Do not overheat your genitals. Increased temperature in intimate places can cause inhibition of sperm production. Therefore, limit hot baths, heating the seat in the car and holding a laptop on your lap.

  4. Do not wear tight underwear - it not only leads to overheating of the testicles, it also shrinks them. This all damages fertility.

  5. Do not carry your mobile phone in the front pants pocket.

  6. Take care of healthy eating . It would be good if your diet was more "fertile" , and therefore included in it fresh vegetables and fruits (especially those rich in antioxidants such as cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, citrus fruits and broccoli), whole grain bread and legumes. Choose fruit and vegetables from organic farming - pesticides contained in products from the market strongly damage fertility. Avoid processed foods.

  7. Some packages in which food is stored are also harmful. Therefore, replace the plastic storage containers with glass ones , avoid plastic bottles (never use a bottle of mineral water again, e.g. to pour juice there).

  8. Avoid contact with chlorinated water and products bleached with this substance.

  9. Take care of proper weight - obesity increases the risk of impotence! Introduce a regular dose of activity into your life. In summer, run, swim and exercise outdoors, and in winter buy a fitness club pass. Remember - movement is really health.

  10. Maintain sleep hygiene. Try to sleep well - sleep in a ventilated bedroom long enough: not less than 7-8 hours a day.

  11. Pay attention to ingredients such as vitamin C and zinc . Vitamin C prevents the sperm from sticking together, while zinc increases testosterone levels in the body. The first substance can be found in citruses, blackcurrants, tomatoes, cabbage and peppers. Nuts, legumes, turkey, lean beef and wheat germ will provide you with zinc. If necessary - reach for dietary supplements.