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10 rules of sexual relations that everyone needs to know

Sex is an integral and important part of a relationship . It is only important to understand that it should be safe and desirable for both partners. About personal boundaries in sex and how to defend them, it is especially important to know adolescents who have little experience and therefore they risk getting into an unpleasant situation.

  • No always means no.

Consent to sex is expressed by the words "Yes, I want sex with you," "Let's have sex." Neither red lipstick, nor a short skirt, nor flirtation are an invitation to sex.

  • Don't settle for sex without a condom.

This is the safest and most affordable form of contraception for adolescents and youth.

  • You can stop a partner at any time.

Remember, you can refuse sex at any stage of sexual interaction. Even at the very last moment, you can change your mind and stop the partner / partner. And they can do the same. This is normal.

  • No sex under pressure

Never settle for sex under the influence of alcohol, drugs, "weakly" and do not have sex with a person who is under the influence of any substances. This can lead to unpleasant consequences.


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  • Ask permission

If you are not sure / not sure that the partner / partner is ready to go further or try something new - specify, ask permission. And you can continue in the case of a clear agreement expressed in words.

  • Be interested in your partner’s health

In appearance it is impossible to determine whether a person is sick or not. He / she may not even know that they are carriers of dangerous diseases.

  • Love and fidelity are not a guarantee of a safe relationship.

No matter what good relations you have with your partner, do not forget about security.

  • If not ready for sex, wait six months

If you think that you’re not yet ready / not ready for sex - postpone this question for at least six months. It is normal to start having sex at 17 and 25 - the main thing is physiological, psychological, informational readiness.

  • No porn

Do not focus on pornography - this is fiction, installation and significant exaggeration. Sex is, first of all, communication and intimacy, and not sexual intercourse.

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