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Which penis is considered normal?

It is believed that the normal length of the penis in an erect state is from 12 to 18 cm. The average length of the penis in Russian men is 15.7 cm. A penis less than 9.5 cm in length is considered a small penis, and less than 2 cm - a micropenis .
There are times when men are unhappy with the shape of the penis, for subjective reasons or due to objective violations of the geometry of the penis (deformation of the head).

Doctors Urologists andrologists “SM-Clinic” have extensive experience in delicate issues such as enlargement of the penis and enlargement of the glans penis.

If you decide that your penis is not long enough, the SM-Clinic doctor will offer you several options for lengthening.
The optimal method is chosen by the doctor, based on the characteristics of your body and your wishes.

Surgical Enlargement Method

For the purpose of surgical lengthening of the penis, ligamentotomy is used. The essence of the operation is to increase the hanging section of the penis, by reducing its perineal (hidden) section. This is achieved by crossing part of the ligamentous apparatus of the penis that holds it in the perineal region. It is clear that in this case the penis itself does not change in size. Redistribution of length occurs in the direction of increasing its hanging part. This plastic surgery allows you to increase the length of the hanging part of the penis by 2-5 cm. It is performed under general anesthesia.

Non-surgical method of augmentation

Non-surgical methods of penile lengthening include the use of a special stretching device - an extender. The method is based on the physiological response of living tissue to the application of tensile force. Any part of the human body that undergoes stretching responds to such an effect with accelerated cell division and increased tissue mass.

Using the penis extender is not burdensome. It can be worn all day, while the patient can stand, lie, walk, sit. Elongation of 3-5 cm occurs when wearing the extender for 6 months.
With proper use of the extender, there are no adverse reactions, no thinning of the penis, no effect on fertility and potency. This method allows to achieve a constant (not changing over time) increase in the length of the penis.

The combined method of penile lengthening

It is the most effective. At the first stage, a surgical operation is performed, then an extender is used according to the classical technique. The effectiveness of the method is due to the fact that after the ligamentotomy, the “hidden” part of the penis is released. This leads to the fact that the extender initially affects a larger volume of the penis. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a greater result.

Penis thickening

Often, patients go to the clinic to increase the volume of the head for more convenient wearing of the extender, as well as for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Doctors of the SM Clinic will conduct you a mini-operation to thicken the glans penis according to the author’s method using an exclusive modern gel preparation.